Blackwater Project (AQC 100%)


The Blackwater project comprises the 'Dingo' tenement, targeting Rangal and Burngrove coal within a 50km radius of Blackwater. AQC is currently reviewing its opportunities for the Blackwater project, either to further expand the resource or to divest. A summary of key facts about the tenements is tabulated below.

EPC Name Status Area (km2) Location Target Coal Coal Type Depth Potential
EPC 1859 Dingo Granted 22 Around Dingo 50km E of Blackwater Rangal and Burngrove Thermal & PCI 120 metres Open cut potential, 4 seams 12m thickness


Dingo – EPC 1859

EPC 1859 – Dingo, located over the town of Dingo, has previously yielded shallow intercepts (<100m) of both Burngrove and Rangal coal. This project has an open cut target of 20Mt.