Hunter valley people

The State

The NSW state and local governments have supported the coal industry for over 50 years.

Billions of dollars are pumped into the local community each year and mining is the lifeblood of the Hunter Valley and the people in the communities know and support this industry.

Over $50 billion of revenue goes to the NSW State through royalties, rail and port fees and taxes.

The Region

Dartbrook is located near Muswellbrook in the upper Hunter Valley of NSW, Australia.

The Hunter Valley is part of the Sydney Basin and is the principal coal producing province in NSW.

The Community

Mining is intertwined in the community. Dartbrook is an existing mine and will not encroach on either nearby townships or the local thoroughbred industry.

Dartbrook, Muswellbrook Coal, and Bengalla mines have successfully operated within 5kms of the Muswellbrook township for over 10 years.

Dartbrook is adjacent to the Bengalla and Mt Pleasant coal projects and is subject to similar environmental and other management systems under existing approvals.

The local community understands that mining companies adhere to the highest level of environmental standards. We will adhere to these standards at Dartbrook.

Dartbrook will employ approx. 200 local staff.

Community Perceptions

A Galaxy Research study was commissioned in January 2016 to determine local community attitudes to coal mining.
The main findings of the study are:
  • Mining is regarded as the industry that delivers the greatest positive contribution to the economy and the people of the Hunter Valley region
  • There is general agreement with each of the following statements concerning the impact of mining in the Hunter Valley:
    • The mining industry has enabled many ordinary families in the Hunter Valley to make a good living
    • The mining industry in the Hunter Valley takes worker safety seriously
    • The presence of the mining industry in the Hunter Valley has benefitted local people
    • The mining industry has an important role to play in the future of the Hunter Valley by providing jobs to working Australians
    • The mining industry has operated in a way that is socially responsible in the Hunter Valley
  • More voters are in favour of, rather than opposed to, the re-opening the Dartbrook mine. This support occurs among both Coalition and Labor supporters