Industrial Minerals

Industrial Minerals (AQC 100%)

AQC owns an industrial minerals project in central western Queensland. The project forms part of AQC's former industrial minerals business and is no longer part of the Company's core business. Options are currently being assessed to divest this asset.

EPC Name Status Area (km2) Location Commodity Mineral-isation Depth Mining & processing
ML 70360 Mantuan Granted 3 78km S of Alpha Bentonite 17Mt+ Inferred resource 1-2m overburden, 0.5m weathered, 3m bentonite Shallow open cut, on site screening and bagging operation

Mantuan Downs Bentonite

The Mantuan Downs bentonite project has a resource of over 17Mt of high grade calcium bentonite. The deposit comprises two main bentonite horizons that are essentially flat lying. The Upper Bentonite Zone is the best developed, with an average cation exchange capacity (CEC) quality of 102 meq/100g. Near the centre of the deposit, the upper bentonite zone is 4-4.5m thick. The lower bentonite zone also comprises good quality bentonite with an average CEC quality of around 90 meq/100g. This zone is continuous throughout the deposit and is at least 2-4m thick.

The company has developed a number of products based on bentonite for industrial, livestock, agricultural, soil improvement and composting applications. The project is currently on care and maintenance as new marketing opportunities are being evaluated.