Mt Hillalong

Mount Hillalong Project (AQC 100%)


The Mount Hillalong project targets the Rangal and Fort Cooper coal measures in the northern Bowen Basin. This project offers prospectivity for proving underground resources of metallurgical coal in the Rangals and open cut coal in the Fort Coopers. The project has limited previous exploration. However, isolated drill hole intercepts within the tenements and geophysical surveys have allowed the definition of good drilling targets as the basis for further exploration by the Company.

EPC Name Status Area (km2) Location Target Coal Coal Type Depth Potential
EPC 1645 Mount Hess Application 70 20km SE of Glenden       Test drilling required
EPC 1773 Kemmis Creek Granted 10 32km SE of Glenden Fort Cooper Coking & Thermal to 120m 4 holes with coal intercepts 25 to 150m depths. Open cut potential
EPC 1824 Mount Hillalong Granted 48 6km E of Glenden Rangal Metallurgical & Thermal 300 to 500m 90Mt exploration target defined by seismic and nearby drilling
EPC 1867 Mount Hess West Granted 13 16km SE of Glenden        

EPC application 1824 comprises 15 sub-blocks (48 km2) centred on the Mount Hillalong homestead, 65 km NW of Nebo in central Queensland. The Burton and Hail Creek coal mines are 14 km south and 18 km south-southwest of Mt Hillalong, respectively. EPC 1824 was acquired by the Company to explore the underlying Rangal Coal measures for near surface coal resources.

Previous exploration has been superficial and of a regional nature with no drilling being undertaken within EPC 1824. A coal target in the Rangals has been defined using historical seismic survey with indicated coal at between 300 and 500m. A further drilling program is planned to further evaluate this target with the aim to define a resource.

The area is well served with infrastructure with major nearby coal mines located to the west, south and east. The Hail Creek railway is 18 km to the southeast and provides access to Mackay's export coal loading terminals.