Guidelines for sponsorship

The guideline aims to target issues, needs and opportunities which are a priority to the local community and are related to AQC’s core business. Specific areas of support have been identified based on an understanding of the local social and economic environment, as well as through direct feedback from members of the community.

AQC is committed to assisting the local community in which we operate. Our primary geographic area of consideration is Aberdeen and Muswellbrook. While other areas will be considered, our focus is these 2 areas.

AQC’s sponsorship and donations activity will focus on the following areas of interest:

  • Economic - Proposals aimed at enhancing the economic base of the region;
  • Social and Education - Proposals aimed at increasing community capacity in the region and
  • Environmental - Proposals aimed at improving the quality of the Upper Hunter environment.

Applications that meet the above areas of interest will be given priority, however all applications will be assessed against the same guidelines.

AQC has a fixed annual sponsorship budget and it is intended that 2 rounds per year will be allocated to those funds.

Click the link below to access the Form.

Sponsorship & Application Form