Future Open Cut

Proposed Open Cut Mine

Plan is to undertake feasibility studies and initiate the required approval process to expand Dartbrook to an open cut mining operation with expected approval in year 3 following the Company's re-start of operations.
The proposed Dartbrook open cut mine is a cost-effective mine development opportunity with significant infrastructure already in place, including Coal Handling Processing Plant (‘CHPP’) as well as a train load out facility (‘TLO’).

This open cut mine development has high potential to be a lowest cost quartile producer given known coal quality from previous underground operations, a competitive services sector and highly skilled labour within the region.

The open cut operations will target a minimum 50-year mine life.

JORC resource of over 1.2 billion tonnes.

The open cut approval application is expected to be favourably considered by Government due to the approvals granted for adjacent existing open cut mines, together with the prosperous co-existence of mining and agriculture.

The Dartbrook acquisition includes significant freehold land ownership comprising the majority of the open cut potential.

The existing substantial drilling database has formed the basis for a Mineral Resource Estimate in accordance with the Australasian Code for Reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves (the ‘JORC Code’) for the proposed open cut operations.


Seek regulatory approvals for the development of a 8-10 mtpa open cut mining operation at Dartbrook commencing with 5 mtpa.

Subject to relevant approvals, Dartbrook has the potential for a long mine life, low stripping ratio 3-4:1 (BCM overburden:ROM tonnes) open cut mining operation.

On commencement of the open cut operations, Dartbrook should create approximately 250 direct full-time positions in the local community. In addition, more indirect positions will be created through local support services and consultancy/advisory roles.