Newcastle coal

High quality thermal coal product

Dartbrook will produce a high quality thermal coal product comparing favourably with thermal coal provided by adjacent operations and the Newcastle export benchmark.

Comprehensive coal quality data indicates Dartbrook's ability to produce a range of thermal coal products containing between 10 to 18% ash (air dried basis):
  • Potential to produce an 8% ash (air dried basis) pulverised coal injection (PCI) product from the Kayuga and Piercefield seams
  • Relatively high calorific value (6,200-6,300 kcal/kg gross as-received)
  • Low sulphur content enhances the marketability of the product through blending with other lesser quality Hunter Valley coals

The Newcastle thermal coal price is the most closely watched coal price assessment and has a profound influence on global markets. The GlobalCoal Newcastle standard specification is 6,000 kcal/kg Net Calorific Value at Total Moisture (as received basis) of 15.0% maximum.