Corporate overview

AQC is an emerging coal miner

Australian Pacific Coal Limited ('AQC') is an Australian public company with approximately 1,800 shareholders. AQC listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 1999. The Company has emerged as a strong participant in the junior mining and exploration sector. Read more about us here.


Strong focus on Dartbrook

AQC is in the process of finalising its acquisiton of the Dartbrook mine in the Hunter Valley, NSW. We expect that the process will conclude in late 2016 and that underground mining operations will recommence shortly thereafter.

Other coal tenements

AQC has a strategic holding of coal exploration tenements located in Queensland's Bowen, Galilee, Surat and Clarence-Moreton basins. The contiuning philosophy of AQC's management has been to secure strategic tenure by identifying available tenements close to operating mines or in areas with proven or potential in-ground resources in regions suitable for short term development. Having identified prospective areas for further exploration, the Company is now focused on exploiting the commercial value of these coal projects. Exploitation opportunities include farm-in, joint venture exploration and joint venture development.

AQC owns a substantial industrial minerals project in central western Queensland. The project forms part of AQC's former industrial minerals business and is no longer part of the Company's core business. Options are currently being assessed to divest the asset.